The most obvious question should be addressed first, and as of July 31st , here is where the Atlanta Dream stands on the home arena for 2019:

Initial conversations have already occurred with State Farm Arena and the Atlanta Hawks regarding our interest in returning in 2019.  In the interest of full disclosure, we are working through some hurdles now to ensure our return falls within a feasible business model for the Atlanta Dream.  Because the core of our business centers around ticket sales and corporate partnerships, we must have good inventory in both of these areas available to utilize.

Please note it is our desire and intention to return to our professional home, and we are cautiously optimistic that the Hawks and Philips ownership can work with us to make that a reality.

Facilities to host our organization within this city are limited, and we will continue to keep our options open as it pertains to a back-up plan if our return to State Farm hits roadblocks.  We are doing everything possible to keep this team inside the perimeter, as we have heard from our membership and agree – moving the Atlanta Dream outside of the city of Atlanta is not in the best interest of our organization.