Get to Know Players in #AtlantaDream Training Camp

With #AtlantaDream Training Camp underway at the Riverside EpiCenter, we asked the players in camp a few questions.

Who is your idol or mentor?
Darxia Morris (UCLA) – My mother, Russell Westbrook and Michael Jordan
Brittney Sykes (Syracuse) – Felicia Oliver, my high school coach
Matee Ajavon (Rutgers) – My mother is my mentor and idol.

What is your favorite thing about basketball?
Layshia Claredon (Cal-Berkeley) – There is always room for growth and you can always learn and get better.
Sarah Imovbioh (South Carolina) – I can always be myself.
Oderah Chidom (Duke) – It brings my family together. We all play and I love working hard with my siblings. I receive constant support from my family, which is priceless.

What’s your definition of hard work?
Peyton Little (Oklahoma) – Leaving no room to question effort.
Jordan Reynolds (Tennessee) – Pushing yourself past the limit.
Nirra Fields (UCLA) – Being able to look past the end goal and focus on the process. Building towards lifetime achievements.

When you retire from the WNBA, what do you want to do? 
Ajavon – Train and mentor young women through the game of basketball.
Clarendon – I want to work in broadcasting and public speaking.
Sykes – I would like to be a sports broadcaster/analyst. I would also like to start my own non-profit for athletes coming back from injury.
Chidom – I want to work in social justice.

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment? 
Morris – I tore my ACL back in 2008 and it was so bad, my doctor said I wouldn’t be able to play after two years. I worked my butt off and it is now 2017 and I am playing ball at the highest level.
Reynolds – Graduating college!
Imovbioh – Being the first person in my family to earn a college degree.
Sykes – Overcoming a pair of ACL injuries to become a first-round pick in the WNBA Draft.