DeLisha Milton-Jones Breaks WNBA Career Games Record

The Atlanta Dream congratulate our own DeLisha Milton-Jones on her amazing accomplishment in becoming the WNBA’s career leader in games played.

Below are a few other messages from people in DeLisha’s past and across the women’s basketball community recognizing her for this amazing accomplishment of longevity and dedication.


Bradwell Institute

We at Bradwell Institute, as well as Liberty County, are honored to have one of our student athletes reach this pinnacle in their career.  Delisha was a determined athlete who set her goals high.  She is definitely a mentor for all our young athletes to follow.


Janet Reddick – DeLisha’s High School Coach at Bradwell Institute

“I would like to send a heartfelt congratulations to Delisha for her amazing accomplishment. As her high school and softball coach it was easy to recognize that Delisha was blessed with athletic ability. It’s what she has done with that gift that makes her so special. She worked to improve herself and in doing so improved everyone around her-myself included. I may have a few gray hairs with Delisha’s name on them but I have many more laughlines from enjoying her. A little insight into Delisha as a teenager would include: caring about family and teammates, making practices and bus rides fun and eating a whole pizza for a postgame meal. Thank you Delisha for being you.”


Geno Auriemma  – Head Coach, University of Connecticut

“It truly is an amazing accomplishment given the fact that so many great players have played in the WNBA. I’m sure it’s an achievement that DeLisha will be proud of for a long time.”


Rebecca Lobo – ESPN

“It has been a pleasure for me to watch DeLisha and also to cover her during her WNBA career. But it was never fun to match up against her. When I played against Delisha, she would knock you on your ass setting a screen or getting a rebound and then run down the court with a smile of satisfaction on her face. She was the type of player who you hated to go against but knew her teammates loved having her beside them. Her longevity in the league is amazing to me. I am only one year older than Delisha and I can’t imagine still doing what she does on the court. She’s had an impressive career, to say the least.”


Carolyn Peck – ESPN

CONGRATULATIONS to Delisha Milton-Jones for breaking the career game record. YOU would be the one to do it. You have demonstrated hard work and commitment throughout your entire basketball career. I admire how much you love and are dedicated to the game. You are a legend and a pioneer. The future young players will benefit from the footprints you have laid. Congratulations!


Nancy Lieberman-Cline – Assistant Coach, Sacramento Kings

“Eager to learn and her drive to compete.  The fact that she has been able to have this longevity at such a high level, speaks to her commitment, not only to herself but to the sport in general.  DeLisha has never taken one game, one practice or one season for granted.  She is a pro’s pro.  Every young player who wants to play at the highest level should just look at her body of work, physically, mentally and emotionally and how she has valued all of her opportunities.”