20 Questions with Bria Holmes


Birthdate: 4/19/1994

Where were you born? New Haven, CT

What family member do you most take after? Mom

Do you have any pets? If no, favorite animal? I have 1 dog

Do you have any phobias? No

What is your favorite food? Chicken

What is you favorite movie? Coach Carter

Do you have any superstitions? No

What’s your must-see TV show? Power

Who is your idol? Kevin Durant

What’s one thing on your bucket list? I actually don’t have a bucket list.

What’s one thing you can’t live without? Food

What’s one thing you’re really bad at? Singing

What’s your favorite vacation destination? Bahamas

What’s your favorite restaurant in Atlanta? N/A

Who is your funniest teammate? Matee Ajavon

Who is your loudest teammate? Rachel Hollivay

Who is your favorite NBA team? Oklahoma City Thunder

Who is your favorite NFL team? Seattle Seahawks

What is your dream car? Mercedes-Benz Truck