10 Reasons to Vote for Elizabeth Williams

  1. Welcome to her Block Party

2. She won the AP Most Improved Player of the Year for 2016.

3. She became the third player in women’s basketball history to have her number retired at Duke University.

4. Williams was the second ACC player in history to be named First Team All-ACC four straight years.

5. Elizabeth gives it her all on the court and in the community.

6. Both Williams and the WNBA President, Lisa Borders attended Duke University. Not at the same time, but hey they share something special.

7. She has a 2017 season high of 13 rebounds.

8. Elizabeth Williams & Layshia Clarendon are the best pick & roll duo, but hey we’re biased.

9. Records a double-double the night before and volunteers the next morning.

10. She was the 4th pick in the 2015 WNBA draft, but she’s No. 1 for the Atlanta Dream