The Atlanta Dream is committed to supporting our communities and organizations in many ways. Through our fundraising option, you have the ability to not only raise money for your cause, but, most importantly, raising awareness utilizing our platform. Contact one of our account executives at 877-977-7729 for more information.

Benefits Include:

Fundraising with the Atlanta Dream allows for a fun and easy opportunity to generate revenue for your organization. Through our fundraising program, you have the opportunity to generate up to $12 from each ticket purchased/sold through your organization.


Through online and social media presence, you can build awareness of who you are, your purpose/cause and your goal. The participants who fund raise will be sharing your event and brand far and wide. Fund raisers will send out emails with your logo and messaging to thousands of friends, families and colleagues.

Local/Word of Mouth:
Opportunity to reach out to your community to offer them a fun and exciting experience. Local volunteers and
participants will interact with your staff and board in a way that you’d never be able to replicate sitting in the office or at a standard, programmed event. The fluid nature of the logistics will force individuals to collaborate and work
together in many different ways

Team Building:
Our fundraising program offers for a great opportunity for organizations to team build, as it promotes teamwork to reach an effective goal. In addition to promoting awareness for the evening, some organizations.have used this
opportunity to team build in various ways:
• Friendly competitions amongst members of the group
• Grand prizes for most tickets sold
• Friendly competition amongst affiliated groups and supporters