Atlanta Dream Group Tickets

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Atlanta Dream Fan Experiences

Create an unforgettable experience for your group at an Atlanta Dream game!
Your group could participate in any one of these once in a lifetime experiences for a minimum group ticket purchase! To learn more information on a particular Fan Experience or if you are ready to put down a group deposit for one of these great experiences, fill out the Fan Experience Request Form or call 877-977-7729 now.

Minimum Purchase: 25 Tickets

Honor up to two (2) special people in your group by providing them an opportunity to greet both the Atlanta Dream and opposing team’s captains at center court for the pregame talk and coin flip with the officials.

National Anthem
Minimum Purchase: 25 Tickets

It’s your group’s time to shine!  Bring up to 25 people to the game and set the tone by singing the National Anthem on the court prior to tipoff.  Must provide a sample of the performers.

Home & Away Fan Tunnels
Minimum Purchase: 40 Tickets

Cheer on the teams as they take the court.  This is your chance for 40 members of your group to come down on the court and high five the team as they take the floor for pre-game or halftime warm-ups.

Court of Dreams
Minimum Purchase: 200 Tickets

Your group can have the opportunity to use the court for up to one hour before or after the game.  This is your chance to host a game, hold a team practice or conduct a basketball clinic!

  • Maximum of two 1-hour packages per game.
  • One hour for up to 200 total (between on court and in stands) for a basketball game or practice.

Pregame Performance
Minimum Purchase: 75 Tickets

Performance opportunity pregame between the times teams exit the floor (~30 minutes left on countdown clock) to the time they re-enter at 20 minutes.

Halftime Performance
Minimum Purchase: 100 Tickets

Display your talents in front of Atlanta Dream fans while taking over halftime!  We’ve had performers from bands to cheer teams to basketball games, and we want to see if you have what it takes to stand out and impress our audience.  Give it your best shot!

  • Must be available to complete a run-thru of performance prior to the game.
  • Full details of performance must be provided for venue approval a minimum of one month in advance.

Color Guard
Minimum Purchase: 20 Tickets

Military groups, including ROTC and JROTC, and any other law enforcement/medical personal are invited to present the colors during the National Anthem before an Atlanta Dream game.

Meet and Greet
Minimum Purchase: 200 Tickets

Hang around after the game to hear directly from an Atlanta Dream player or coach on what it’s taken for them to get to where they are, and then have your group’s photo taken with them.

  • Player will speak to group about what got them to where are today, take any questions and then take one group photo. No individual photos will be permitted.

Ball Exchange
Minimum Purchase: 50 Tickets

Twelve (12) members of your group are spotlighted at half court during the Atlanta Dream player introductions pregame.  After each player’s name is announced, the player will hand-deliver a basketball to a different member of your group on court.  Each group member will then be able to take home their very own WNBA replica basketball.

Anthem Buddies
Minimum Purchase: 40 Tickets

Participants in your group line up in front of the players during the National Anthem performance only for the Atlanta Dream.

Concourse Table
Minimum Purchase: 40 Tickets

Have a product or service to promote to the WNBA’s best fans?  This is your opportunity to have a table on the concourse for your company or organization.

  • Subject to approval based on competing sponsors.
  • No items may be sold at the table and any donation collections must be approved in writing ahead of time.
  • Any give-away items must be approved two weeks prior to the game.

For more information please call 877.977.7729 or email